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Hangzhou's commodity exports are a concern

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2016/10/19 16:24
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Daily necessities are closely related to people's life, and have always been the traditional export products in hangzhou area and the whole country. So far this year, 192 companies have reported export sales, 61 fewer than the same period last year, and the pressure on small businesses to survive. Inspection and quarantine bureau in hangzhou, zhejiang province, in the first half of the districts in total export value of $289 million, compared with a year was flat, but the kinds of daily necessities, shipped to segment and characteristic products, export is mixed. On the whole, the growth of necessities of life and non-essential commodities have fallen sharply. Customers are concentrated in Europe and the United States, the enterprises affected are larger, the customers dispersed layout enterprises are affected less, there is even a small increase; The product has the innovation growth fast, the traditional unimproved product export shows the decline trend.
Multi-functional toys drive export growth
Although exports overall is affected by the financial crisis in Europe and America, but the inspection and quarantine bureau of hangzhou toy exports in the first half of this year the jurisdiction of batch, quantity and amount increased by 33.33%, 12.78% and 9.33% respectively, compared to the same $256, 2.1295 million and 2.1295 million, the growth is mainly composed of multi-functional toys, model aircraft, the small tricycle and other products, this kind of product has the characteristics of innovation and fashion, can meet the demand of children's development in the new period, and low-tech traditional toys such as ordinary plush toys to continue down the quantity and price trend.
Toy production and marketing are also influenced by foreign technical trade measures, tedious inspection project is of high cost, and large equipment upgrade costs, and the production cost of these will sharply push up toys enterprises. Stringent requirements also increase the risk of recall after toy sales. In order to maintain the good export situation of toys in hangzhou area, hangzhou inspection and quarantine bureau and enterprises should actively deal with the situation, and avoid the adverse effects of the instruction. Due to the chemical requirements of the new toy directive came into effect in July 20, hangzhou bureau early and targeted on the investigation of some projects for sampling inspection, such as detection of 19 kinds of heavy metals and the contents of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and flame retardant, keep track of the raw materials in advance.
The stainless steel cutlery was exportation
Inspection and quarantine bureau in hangzhou area of stainless steel tableware export enterprise at present only silver city catering equipment co., LTD., from January to June this year, 155 of stainless steel tableware, exports of 155 tons and 2.75 million dollars, quarter-on-quarter growth respectively 2.30, 1.61, and 1.70 times more likely to appear so is quantity and price trend. Since the second half of 2012, the enterprise, expand the export business in overseas markets, products are exported to Europe and the United States region, with understanding of overseas markets, management ideas and proper development layout, product sales do not affected by the financial crisis, and in a short period of rapid growth.
According to enterprise's current development status, combined with the export of stainless steel tableware high-risk and daily inspection supervision, inspection and quarantine bureau of hangzhou actively support enterprises to build their own testing laboratory, through various channels through the bottleneck of enterprise development, enterprise at present stage is to discuss the outsourcing lab with inspection institute of zhejiang province, strengthening quality management foundation, steadily expand overseas markets.
Voice box exports have fallen sharply
In the first half of this year, hangzhou export inspection and quarantine bureau jurisdiction speakers group, $321 and $5.73 million, last year fell by 8.3% and 8.3% respectively compared to the same batch and amount, including export batch, $78 and $2.1751 million in the United States, compared with last year fell 27.78% and 42.25%, respectively.
Due to the different consumption habits, the United States has been the main target country for the export of speakers in hangzhou inspection and quarantine bureau, accounting for half of hangzhou's export speakers. In recent years, americans have been less optimistic about economic expectations, reflecting a moderation in spending on such products. In addition, the yuan's appreciation in the near half year has led importers to slow down their orders.
Shoe export stable
In the first half of this year, hangzhou export inspection and quarantine bureau jurisdiction footwear group, 20.47 million pairs and $5749 and $20.47 million, compared with the last batch, quantity, amount increased by 40%, 2.1% and 4%, respectively, showed modest growth held steady export amount and amount.
The shoe is the export products of hangzhou inspection and quarantine bureau, with more than 80 export enterprises. The export products mainly include snow boots, cloth shoes, rubber shoes and so on. The European Union, the United States is still the main export market, of which exports to the United States at $27.2342 million, fell 15.97% year-on-year, while exports to Britain, Canada, Germany and Japan are nearly 20% year-on-year growth, make up the shortfall of exports to the United States.