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The national layout of plastic commodities is the first in guangdong

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2016/10/19 16:22
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According to statistics from China's national bureau of statistics, the production of plastic products in China was nearly 62 million tons in 2013, up 8 percent year-on-year. Daily necessities were the second largest category of plastic products after the film, with a yield of 4.72 million tons, up 9 percent year on year. Housewares are the main class of daily necessities.
Production area of concentration is higher, according to statistics, in 2013 China's daily plastic products production concentrated in guangdong (1.07 million tons), zhejiang (870000 tons), jiangsu (390000 tons), sichuan (350000 tons) and hubei (330000 tons), the top three in guangdong, zhejiang and jiangsu production about half of the whole country, and sichuan and hubei provinces, account for 64% of the total national output.
Guangdong, the largest province, accounted for 23% of the country's 1.07 million tons. Plastics industry association of guangdong province FuAn said: "the traditional way is commodity, now known as plastic household products. In 2013, guangdong daily plastic products production enterprises, 188 statistics, output 1.0749 million tons, up 7.28% from a year earlier, accounting for 12.47% of the province of plastic products production, which accounts for 22.79%, the national similar products production increased by 0.76%."